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Middle School Math Syllabus

Please click here for the Semester 1 Syllabus and here for the Semester 2 Syllabus.  All parents and students are required to read the syllabus and sign it within 2 days of receipt.  These documents contains important information that help parents and students in Ms. Straus' class.




Homework is typically given each night of the week.  Homework consists of a practice sheet that focuses on the topic we are currently learning in class.  Homework is not given until each lesson is finished.  Students can refer to the online textbook and their notebook for help with their homework.  Although late work is accepted (excluding test review packages), students are encouraged to turn in their homework the following day in class.  This habit will help keep students up-to-date in their learning and will make sure that they do not fall behind in assignments.  Homework will only be accepted up to the date of the unit test.  NO work will be accepted for a unit after the test for that unit has passed.  If there is no homework assigned, students are encouraged to work on ST Math, TenMarks, XtraMath, and the videos on the class website.  


Remember that homework must:

-show all work

-be corrected

-be glued into your math notebook


Students record the homework in their agenda each period and must have it stamped before learning math class.  Each student is responsible for taking the agenda home to show parents and guardians.  There will never be a day without a message in the agenda.  


Homework is stamped with a red stamp when it has been seen by Ms. Straus.  Homework will only be accepted if it is complete, shows all work (calculations, thinking, etc.), and has been corrected using the answers available on the class website.  Please see the examples of student work below to know the difference between acceptable work and work that will not receive credit.

All work shown for EACH question.  

This is work accepted for credit.

There is no work shown for EACH question.  

This is an example of NO WORK NO CREDIT.  



Home Study (Mondays)

Mondays at Magnolia are Home Study days in which families are guiding the learning.  Parents are encouraged to take a prominent role in this learning to ensure that students are getting the most out of Mondays that they can.  Monday Home Study is put in Moodle the Wednesday prior so that families can plan their learning accordingly.  Home Study is worth 20% of the grade and can add up quickly if students do not complete their work.  Students who complete their Home Study in time (by 8 p.m. Monday evening) are automatically entered into the Home Study in Time (HIT) drawing each week.  Please see MATH MENUS for the Home Study.



Tests & Assignments

Each unit of math is typically finished with a test and sometimes an assignment.  Students are given at least one week's advance notice of a test and are also given a review package of questions and answers so that they can study at home.  Review packages are mandatory and worth 20 points each.  Review packages must be completed, corrected, and returned by the test date.  Review packages are not accepted after the day of the test, as studying should occur before the test.  Review packages are checked by Ms. Straus and returned to students with a stamp on the front page.  Students may also receive an additional unit assignment that will be explained in class.  Assignments are typically due within two weeks and have detailed instructions and a grading rubric for students to follow.  All test and assignment dates are written in the students' agendas and can also be found in the Team Schedule section of this website.


Please see the example of student test corrections below to know the difference between acceptable work and work that will not receive credit.

All work shown for EACH question.  

This is a test corrections page accepted for credit.




Pacing Guide and Standards of Learning

Please click here for Grade 6, 7, 8 pacing guides, I CANs, and Standards.



Jupiter Grades

Jupiter Grades is updated each Friday evening with the week's assignments.  Late work is typically entered into Jupiter Grades the day the work is received.  Parents are encouraged to sign up for Jupiter Grade alerts so that they help students stay on top of their studies.  Parents who need their Jupiter Grades login and password should see the office staff for that information. 



Contacting Coach Straus

I am more than happy to help parents and students in any way that I can.  Please feel free to contact me through any of the following ways:

-Telephone/Text: available in Moodle (please login to find the number)


-Notes in your child's agenda