Kidblog is Team Straus' very own student blogging site!  You each have a blog and are to use it to reflect on math.  How?  Any way that you like!  You can:

-write paragraphs

-create a podcast

-create a video

... something else that you create ...


If you write quality thoughts with a quality presentation, you'll find that you can gain readers from across the world!


Blog Links for each class

Pre-Algebra 2013-2014 (period 1)

*Period 1: USE this account starting NOW -- your other posts will be transferred over.

Pre-Algebra 2013-2014 (period 2)
Algebra Readiness 2013-2014
Algebra 1 2013-2013





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Story Telling Resources

Why can't you just use any picture online?  

Read THIS to find out!


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Digital Composing Resources

ACMI Storyboard generator (story board maker)

Animoto (video slideshows)